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Board of Directors & Staff


We are pleased to have a group of leading industry professionals serving on WPA’s Board of Directors. These dedicated individuals know the pet industry inside and out, and bring their collective expertise together to promote the health and growth of our industry.

Name Board Position Company Phone
Michael Twain Chairman Amazing Pet Products 503-239-5770
Vic Mason 1st Vice Chair/CFO Replenish Pet Inc. 951-328-4900
Barry Berman 2nd Vice Chair NexPet Retailer Co-op 212- 348-8171
Pete Risano Secretary Pet Life 973-722-4810
Chris Clevers Board Member Hikari Sales USA, Inc. 510-785-3244
Troy Firth Board Member Anipet Animal Supplies 604-536-3367
Michael Johnson Board Member Chuck Latham Associates 303-699-2905
Michael Lasky Board Member Schiaffino, Lasky & Associates 415-789-9030
Jacinthe Moreau Board Member VCA 818-577-7896
Jeff San Souci Board Member Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. 800-225-2700 x 160
Kim Stout Board Member Coastal Pet Products (800) 321-0248
Lewis M. Sutton Board Member Pet-Ag, Inc. 847-683-2288
Bill Trufant Board Member B & B Pet Stop, Inc. 251-661-3474


At the heart of the organization is WPA’s staff, who are available every day to provide support, answer questions, coordinate activities and keep the association running smoothly.

Name Staff Position Contact
Doug Poindexter President doug.poindexter@wpamail.org
Dave Williams Vice President of Sales dave@wpamail.org
Kathy Branson Director of Trade Shows kathy@wpamail.org
Judy Breton, CMG, CKO Director of Grooming & Special Services judy@wpamail.org
Jessica Guzman Director of Communications jessica@wpamail.org
James Keyston Director of Sales & Sponsorship james@wpamail.org
Debra Spaulding Director of Education debra@wpamail.org
Ann Marie Silva Director of Consumer Shows ann_marie@wpamail.org
Tivona Abron Trade Shows Coordinator tivona@wpamail.org
Sabra Soriano Consumer Shows Coordinator sabra@wpamail.org
Marilyn Bayer Show Coordinator marilyn@wpamail.org
Janelle Tamez Grooming Coordinator janelle@wpamail.org
Shelly Armstrong Community Development shelly@wpamail.org
Maryellen Mahoney Community Development maryellen@wpamail.org
Eric Moore Community Development eric@wpamail.org
Gwen Powell Consultant for Exhibitor Relations gwen@wpamail.org
Zach Franck Sales zach@wpamail.org
Alice Albanese Sales & Sponsorship alice@wpamail.org
Mary Patricia Bolick Sales Administrative Assistant mary@wpamail.org
Nancy Bertagna Office Manager nancy@wpamail.org
Jennifer Schmidt Database Specialist jennifer@wpamail.org
Cindi Correa Executive Administrative Assistant cindi@wpamail.org