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US & China Tariff

Nearly 150 Business Groups Ask White House to Capitalize on G20 Meeting and End Trade War Ahead of Looming New Year’s Day Tariff Increase.

In July 2018, the Trump administration announced a proposed 10% tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, days after a 25% tariff took effect on $34 billion worth of US imports from China.  President Trump has since announced further intentions to levy taxes on all imports from China ($505.5 billion in 2017) and the possibility of increasing the level of all the tariffs on Chinese goods to 25%. Companies worldwide are trying to figure-out the impact on global supply chains and the economy.  The US-imposed tariffs that are currently in effect target products central to China’s “Made in China 2025” plan to overtake the US as the global leader in high-tech industries.
They have been criticized as:
• anti-competitive
• bad for business interests, both in the US and globally
• unlikely to result in significant changes to Chinese trade policies
Conversely, they have been praised for their promise to:
• countervail China’s unfair trade practices, which include intellectual property theft,
forced technology transfer, government financed acquisition of foreign competitors,
export tax rebates, and currency manipulation, among other things
• mitigate the US’ trade deficit with China, which stands at around $375 billion
• promote “Made in USA” products

Tariff war definition:

Customs war, also known as a toll war or tariff war, is a type of economical conflict between two or more states. In order to pressure one of the states, the other raises taxes or tariffs for some of the products of that state. As a reprisal, the latter state may also increase the tariffs.  Customs war – Wikipedia

Actions taken so far:

World Pet Association signed a coalition on the proposed List 3 tariffs currently signed by 152 trade associations (Multi-industry Association Coalition Letter).

The World Pet Association has joined the a new coalition “Americans for Free Trade” that launched today with announcement letters sent to all members of the House and Senate. To read the announcement letter and get additional information please click here.

Accomplishments of Americans for Free Trade in 2018

PIJAC offered a testimony on August 23rd and presented a letter (PIJAC Tariff Testimony 8 23 18)

World Pet Association sent a survey to its members.

To access transcripts from the Hearing:

Transcripts from the List 3 hearings will be posted here.  As of right now, they only have the transcripts from Day 1 and Day 2 posted.

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