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WPA Retail Survey

How does your business measure up?

WPA’s 2016 study of 100+ pet retail companies reveals your own company’s strengths and weaknesses—so you can identify exactly where to improve.

The 2016 World Pet Association Retail Operating Performance Report provides easy-to-understand guidelines for evaluating your company’s financial, operating, and sales figures compared to a cross-section of the retail pet industry—enabling you to identify crucial business improvement opportunities. It also lays out possible actions that you can take if your company’s results deviate significantly from the reported average.

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This strategic analysis will help you…

  • Monitor and manage expenses
  • Measure and improve productivity
  • Evaluate employee effectiveness
  • Improve your company’s bottom line

Key comparison measures include:

  • Overall Performance (Net Profit Margin, Operating Margin, Asset Turnover, Return on Assets, Return on Net Worth)
  • Management Ratios
  • Cash Cycle
  • Liquidity Measures
  • Employee Productivity Ratios
  • Sales Performance
  • Space Productivity Ratios

And, you DON’T have to be a financial expert to understand and benefit from this important data!

Spotting significant differences between your own company’s performance and that of similar companies is the first step toward running a better, more profitable business. This report helps you pinpoint where your company falls outside the norm.

Make Your Best Investment This Year

$295 for member retailers who do not participate in the survey

$495 for non-member retailers who do not participate in the survey

$795 for member non-retailers

$995 for non-member non-retailers