Professional Grooming Credentialing

What Is Professional Grooming Credentialing?

The Pet Professional Credentialing (PGC) program offers pet groomers a credential that will assess their practices and showcase the wide knowledge base of the working professional groomer.  Worldwide, pet owners spend billions on pet services and products to make them look and feel great. Pets are a valued part of the family, and when it’s time to be groomed, owners expect the top in the industry. Earning the PGC displays a pet groomer’s expertise and dedication in providing the best care and services to their clients while also making their grooming business competitive.

The PGC measures foundational knowledge, safety, and technical skills of professional groomers. The successful achievement of the PGC mark indicates a groomer has core competency knowledge and skills to offer professional and safe grooming services. Combined with a robust ongoing continuing education requirement to maintain the credential, the PGC is the first measuring system in the world to assess groomers in a recognized standardized exam which meets best practices within the credentialing community.