Professional Grooming Credentialing

What Is Professional Grooming Credentialing?

For the betterment of pets and the people who love them, the Professional Grooming Credentialing program offers working pet groomers a recognizable professional trade credential.

With the PGC Credentialing Project, pet groomers internationally will have a united and independent exam process to assess their practices and showcase the wide knowledge base of the working professional groomer.

Pets and their people can have the confidence that PGC Groomers have been evaluated on best practices, skills, and knowledge set by groomers and for groomers. Passing the WPA Professional Grooming Credentialing Exam will signal to clients and the industry at large the knowledge and commitment level of the newly credentialed Pet Grooming Professional.

Who Will Receive The PGC?

The WPA Professional Grooming Credentialing will be awarded to groomers who pass nationally conducted proctored exams. From evaluating Standards of Care and Knowledge to measuring skill competencies, the PGC mark will recognize pet groomers who demonstrate standardized best practice knowledge in every facet of their career.

Setting a new bar for excellence and commitment to the Pet Grooming Practice, the WPA Professional Grooming Credentialing will measure each groomer for foundational knowledge related to the practice of pet grooming. With a focus on safety and industry best practices at its core, obtaining the PGC will demonstrate the professional groomer’s competency and ability to assist in the continued well-being of the pet.

The content of the exams is weighed carefully for accuracy and relevance to the working Pet Grooming Professional. Pet Groomers may apply to take the exam based upon a combination of work experience, education, and/or areas of relevant field study of the pet grooming experience.

Why Is WPA Sponsoring The PGC?

The World Pet Association is a not-for-profit dedicated to service on behalf of the Pet Industry as a whole. The Board of Directors of WPA is committed to investing in initiatives that enrich the lives of pets, their owners, and the people who serve them.

WPA has the history, reputation, and commitment to Good Works on behalf of the entire pet industry and is proud to endeavor for the advancement of working Pet Grooming Professionals in their careers.

Bringing the pet industry together for the good of the pet has long been at the forefront of the World Pet Association. With history, purpose, and initiative for the betterment of the lives of all pets, the WPA is proud to sponsor Professional Grooming Credentialing.