Grooming Institutions and the PGC

The Professional Grooming Credentialing (PGC) is a voluntary, advanced grooming professional credentialing process designed to create a foundation for standardizing the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a professional pet groomer. The PGC sets national and international standards for what accomplished groomers should know and be able to perform. The PGC exam is a knowledge and skills assessed examination which identifies professional groomers who are competent in the following detailed Scope of Practice areas:

Pet Health and Well-Being        Technical Issues            Safety               Business Practices

As an institution offering instruction in the practice of pet grooming, you may be searching for a international recognized credentialing program to support, challenge and move the dial on your schools’ pet grooming program. The PGC allows your school to achieve the benchmark of directing future and present groomers to the realization of a professional trade credential with international recognition.

Impact of the PGC?

The PGC program allows practicing pet groomers- and future pet groomers- the ability to have a united Standard of Care and Knowledge. The PGC exam measures the knowledge and the skills of candidates in a professional exam setting, developed under rigorous scrutiny from nationally recognized testing partner Professional Testing Corporation. From foundational competency to best practices in professional pet grooming- the PGC exam ensures that candidates are well-equipped for a career in pet grooming. 

Becoming a PGC groomer will have a positive impact on your grooming program reputation, students’ future career and the pet grooming industry in its entirety.

  • Student Achievement — PGC Groomers exemplify safety and embody the professional pet groomer today’s consumer demands.

  • Commitment to Excellence — Schools with the PGC program are seen as having stronger student retention, excellent professional etiquette and nationally tested skill set by the pet community.

  • Financial Advancement— PGC Groomers will be supported by consumer awareness campaigns to demand the level of excellence and knowledge a credentialed groomer must possess.

  • Respect — PGC groomers will be seen as experts and often sought out for higher level employment, as well as seen as professional, trusted, valued assets to clients.

  • Validation — As a pet grooming educator, we know you strive to validate content as academic.  The PGC program supports your program.

  • Professional Esteem — For all of us, it’s not uncommon in social situations to be asked what you do for a living. Give your students the prestige of proudly stating “I am a graduate of (insert your school here) AND, I proudly passed and continue my grooming education with the PGC program.” Pet Grooming is largely unlicensed and unregulated in the United States. The PGC program will allow for professional trade recognition and every pet client will understand and respect the rigorous, equitable process your students completed to demonstrate your recently graduated groomer is an accomplished professional held to the highest grooming standards.

How does your institution get involved with the PGC?

Step 1: WPA supports your continued commitment to the pet industry by educating future and present professional pet groomers. Our PGC team will assist your institution with questions, information and aligning your grooming curricula with the PGC Standards of Care and Knowledge to ensure that you are offering the highest level of education possible. Please email Maryellen Mahoney - WPA Program Manager at your convenience.

Step 2: Download the PGC Candidate Handbook for detailed information including knowledge areas tested, areas of practice assessed, etc.

Step 3: Apply for the PGC Institution Badge

PGC Institution Badge - $1000 for 1st course, $2000 for 2 courses, $500 each additional course- Badge current for 3 years after approval

  1. Must be a school, institution, academy which offers grooming instruction.
  2. Must provide a course syllabus with learning objectives.
  3. Institution must provide a published catalog of available courses
  4. Each Institution may badge any course which culminates in the graduation of a working professional groomer.
  5. Each course which is advertised as aligning with the PGC must receive a separate badge with skills needed for the PGC Exam.
  6. If 90% or greater graduates from PGC approved Institution pass PGC exam, Institution will receive Gold Distinction Institution Badge.

Participation in the PGC Approved Education content program is not mandatory to sit for the PGC exam, however, the content approved and listed has been peer reviewed to ensure that it meets PGC Content Standards. Only PGC Approved Education content is qualified to receive CEU’s under the PGC program.


Step 4: Encourage your Educators to receive PGC Approved Badges for their educational content to maximize your enrollment and the success of your students on their journey toward a career as a professional groomer.

Step 5: Support your students and graduates to become PGC credentialed groomers. The PGC exam validates the working professional groomer and encourages the student who is beginning their career toward industry best practices in knowledge and safety. All working groomers- from new to tenured- realize the benefit of moving pet grooming into the realm of a professional trade.  When 90% of your institution’s groomers pass the PGC Exam during an exam period, your PGC Approved Institution will receive a Gold Distinction Badge.