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Member Benefits

World Pet Association: Your BUSINESS-BUILDING resource partner.

For more than fifty years, the pet industry’s first trade association has helped to shape its future. Today, as the driving force behind the industry, WPA uses its strength and continuity in the marketplace to create and foster a profitable climate for its member businesses. More than a voice, WPA is a pro-active force that raises consumer awareness, develops and retains customers for the industry, opens markets, forges trade relations and promotes industry growth.

WPA’s many programs and services help members expand their customer base, increase profitability and maintain a competitive edge. Members look to WPA for the strategies, education, information, resources and contacts they need to build their businesses.

Membership is open to all segments of the industry. Currently, thousands businesses, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers worldwide are enjoying the advantages of membership in the World Pet Association.

You can, too. Join WPA, and give your company the resources it needs to compete in a changing competitive marketplace.


Put the strength and consistency of the industry’s premier trade association behind your business.
WPA collaborates with organizations such as APPA, PIDA, PIJAC and The Pet Care Trust to ensure that your interests are represented. Working together, we coordinate trade events, administer grant programs, and speak out on consumer and legislative issues that bolster our community and make it easier for you to do business.

  • Connect with the leaders who are shaping your industry.
    Through annual meetings, trade shows, special networking events, online communiques and more, you have access to top-notch expertise and industry leadership throughout the year.
  • Network with pet industry professionals from all segments of the market.
    WPA provides a continuous forum for sharing ideas, finding solutions and forming profitable alliances with other pet pros, making it easy to stay informed and connected.
  • Use SuperZoo, The National Show for Pet Retailers, to cultivate new business opportunites. 
    One of the industry’s premier trade events, SuperZoo attracts over 15,000 industry professionals each year, with more than 1,000 booths, spectacular live animal displays, industry-leading education and more. As sponsor and producer of the event, WPA ensures that all profits go right back into the industry to help it grow. Plus, showcase products or browse new resources with the Pet Industry Resource guide year round.
  • Learn how to build a better business at top-rated educational programs. 
    Take advantage of WPA’s many learning opportunities—including SuperZoo Conference, the best educational program in the industry—to stay competitive and profitable.
  • Get timely industry news and information.
    To help you meet the challenges of a changing business environment, WPA funnels the latest industry news, market research and media resources to you. Online updates, including the Pet Industry Briefs, ensure you’re never out of touch. (Also, check out the International Industry Calendar on this site.)
  • Profit from WPA’s promotion of pets.
    As the producer of America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest consumer pet show, WPA works to educate consumers on responsible pet care while promoting its member companies. The popular semi-annual event gives exhibitors a highly effective opportunity to build brand, test-market new ideas and sell directly to consumers.
  • Save money with WPA member-only discounts. 
    Take advantage of cost-cutting member features, including discounted booth space at trade shows plus discount rates on credit card processing, shipping, and more.
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