Does Your Business Support Professional Grooming?


The pet has entered a new phase in our social fabric and the PGC is the new benchmark in measuring the professional groomers who care for them.

Retailers, Veterinarians, Boarding Kennels, Salons, Training, Daycare, Pet Sitters, and Dog Walkers- the Professional Grooming Credentialing is here to assist you with ensuring that the grooming services provided to your clients are completed by knowledgeable, safe, and skilled professional groomers.

By fostering PGC groomers, your clients can rest assured that you are offering peer-reviewed standards of care and practice to the pets in your care.

As the worlds first standardized measurement of foundational knowledge, safety practices, and competency for the working professional groomer- from a diverse industry task force to sweeping job task analysis- each element in the development of the PGC has been carefully overseen by our partner in testing Professional Testing Corporation to meet professional trade standards for PGC Knowledge and Skills Assessed Exam development and administration.

  • Encourage your groomers to become PGC credentialed professionals. You can find individual candidate information on the PGC Candidate Resource page.

  • Encourage your clients to seek the services of a PGC credentialed groomer- they demand a high bar and the PGC offers the ability to set it.

  • Let your clients know that you support the PGC Credentialed Groomer program by registering here to be included in PGC Groomer Locator listings.

You know the value of grooming services to your clients- now assist them with knowing that you value their pet’s care and safety while receiving those services.