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If it’s good for pets, and good for the pet industry, it’s here.

World Pet Association (WPA) brings the pet world together, so quality interaction and education between and among product suppliers and pet owners can create healthier, happier pets and a healthier, more productive pet industry.

The need to operate efficiently and profitably has never been greater. To assist you in this regard, WPA is conducting the annual Retail Operating Performance Survey to help its members benchmark themselves against industry trends and prepare their business for growth. Participants in the confidential survey receive a complimentary copy of the report, detailing the latest industry-insights that can help you plan strategically for the future.  Take part in this important study at WPAsurvey.com and gain invaluable benchmarks for gauging your company’s operating strengths and weaknesses and improvement opportunities.

Hurricane Lane
The Pet Leadership Council and its members have come together to provide aid to victims of the devastating wildfires in California and other recent natural disasters. If you are interested in seeking assistance from the pet care community or would like to help our cause please contact our partner in disaster relief, GreaterGood

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