Our Board of Directors and Professional Staff


We are pleased to have a group of leading industry professionals serving on WPA’s Board of Directors. These dedicated individuals know the pet industry inside and out, and bring their collective expertise together to promote the health and growth of our industry—so we all benefit.


Name Board Position Company Phone
Chris Clevers ('21) Chairman Hikari Sales U.S.A. Inc. (510) 785-3244
Jeff San Souci (’20) Vice Chair Hagen Group (800) 225-2700 x 160
Keryn Rod (’21) 2nd Chair American Humane Association (800) 227-4645
Michael Lou (’21) CFO Patchwork Pet (909) 270-4340
Heather Coots (’21) Secretary King Wholesale, Inc. (530) 713-5748
Barry Berman (’21) Board Member Nex Pet Retailer Co-op (212) 348-8171
Bill Trufant (’20) Board Member B & B Pet Stop, Inc. (251) 661-3474
Dr. Chad Dodd (’21) Board Member Animatas Consulting LLC (785) 393-6088
Kim Stout (’21) Board Member Coastal Pet Products (800) 321-0248
Dr. Micah Kohles (’21) Board Member Oxbow Animal Health (402) 867-2400
Michael Johnson (’20) Board Member FINN CADY Strategy & Brand (801) 671-9844
Michael Lasky (’20) Board Member SLA Brands 415-789-9030
Michael Twain (’20) Chair Amarious Amazing Pet Products (503) 239-5770


The professional staff of WPA are available to provide support, answer questions, coordinate activities and ensure the association runs smoothly. Please reach out – we’d love to hear from you.

Name Staff Position
Victor Mason President
Mike Karsting SVP of Events
Pete Risano VP of Membership and Partnerships
Jessica Guzman VP of Marketing
Elizabeth Spivak Senior Director of Sales & Sponsorships
Debra Spaulding Director of Education
James Keyston, CEM Director of Sales & Exhibitor Services
Janelle Tamez Grooming & Pet Services Manager
Sabra Soriano Marketing & Sales Manager
Eric Moore Virtual Fulfillment & Exhibitor Relations
Shelly Armstrong Client Engagement Manager
Maryellen Mahoney Special Projects Manager
Lixin Xiao Comptroller
Alice Albanese Account Executive
Amanda Alonzo Digital Systems Coordinator