WPA has partnered with FetchFind to bring hundreds of hours of industry-specific training and product education to the professionals who need it. Once you sign up for a subscription with FetchFind, you’ll have access to these courses that will help you master essential skills and elevate your customer service:


Staff Training

Learn how to keep bites at bay, the easy way.

Get the foundational knowledge you need to “speak dog.”

Dogs have different life stages — and different needs with each one. Get the information you need to accommodate every pup, whether they’re a newborn or a super senior.

Learn the basics of disease prevention, medication musts, common ailments and more.

This starter course covers playgroups, cleaning, safe handling and other essential skills.

Store Management

Get a quick overview of what to consider when organizing your pet food displays.

Learn how to develop a strategy that will boost your financials — as well as employee pay and morale.

Customize this template to your company’s and team’s needs, and keep everyone on the same page.

Create exceptional experiences for all of your customers with these simple tips geared toward employees on the sales floor.

Get a better handle on your store’s financials with this easy-to-use resource.