The World Pet Association – the pet industry’s first trade association – has been leading and shaping the industry for close to 70 years. At the heart of it all are our members.

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To qualify for WPA Retail Membership you must sell pet supplies, pets, or pet related services and maintain a commercial store front. Retailers who register and attend WPA365 will get WPA Membership free for 2021.
To qualify for WPA Manufacturer Membership you must manufacture, market, or import pet products and maintain a manufacturing or warehousing facility.
To qualify for WPA Distributor Membership you must purchase goods (primarily from manufacturers) to be resold and delivered to retail outlets and maintain a fully staffed warehouse facility (independent of any retail activity).
To qualify for WPA Manufacturers’ Representative Membership you must represent WPA Manufacturer Members and not be engaged in the business of retailing.
To qualify for WPA E-Commerce Membership you must sell pet supplies through direct response e-commerce as your primary business model.
To qualify for WPA Affiliate Membership you must be in the Veterinary field, a member of the Press, or sell non-pet supplies, components, or services to the pet industry, which are not for resale to consumers.
To qualify for WPA Groomer Membership you must clip, trim, style, or bathe pets for remuneration.
To qualify for WPA Pet Services Membership you must be involved with pet boarding, pet daycare, pet sitting, dog training, or dog walking.

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