9 New Pet Products You'll Find at SuperZoo 2022

As a pet retailer, you know that new products drive sales. When customers can consistently come into your store and find new and innovative products, they are likely to keep coming back for more.

SuperZoo, WPA’s signature event, features pet retail’s biggest product marketplace. With more than 70 big-name buyers, over 1,000 exhibitors and over 800 new product debuts, you can stay attuned to the newest trends and hottest products.

You can find many of these products at the show’s New Product Showcase and featured within the WPA365 virtual platform. Below are just a few of the products launching at SuperZoo that you won’t want to miss.


1. Aventura Pups Parody Dog Clothing by Aventura Pups Inc

Aventura Pups | Chewnel T-shirtAventura Pups offers luxury dog clothes, fancy dog collars, travel bags, dog harnesses and much more. Owners can find the latest fashion trends for their dogs from a variety of spet apparel and parody shirts.

Their newest offerings are dog T-shirts made from the finest Pima cotton in Peru and featuring embroidered backpacks and cross-body bag designs – so your customers’ pets can look stylish with their “chewy vuiton,” “grrucchi” or “chewnel” bags.

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #4471.


2. FurBall by Pet Parents

Pet Parents | FurBallMany pet parents know the worry of having fur-covered clothes and blankets – especially for those who also struggle with allergies.

The FurBall from Pet Parents is a uniquely shaped ball that removes pet hair and can be used in both the washer and dryer to keep your laundry fur-free. It works gently in the washer, the soft shapes preventing damage to clothing, and the RSX™ proprietary material reduces wrinkles and static while removing fur or debris from clothing.

“At Pet Parents®, we start with empathy. We experience first-hand all aspects of a pet parenting need which inspires us to insatiably research, test and develop superior solutions. FurBall® is the result of empathy in action, solving a challenge every pet parent faces, furry laundry! This reusable laundry-safe fur remover is the ultimate solution that pet parents have been waiting for.”
— Mikaela Stanley, Product Manager at Pet Parents®

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #7519.


3. The Forager™ Mat and Forager™ Bowl by Pet Parents

Pet Parents | Forager MatWhether they’re fast eaters or in need of more mental enrichment, the Forager™ Mat and Forager™ Bowl help prevent dogs from becoming bloated while also providing a fun and stimulating way to eat.

Snuffling can serve as an exercise supplement for dogs recovering from surgery, those with mobility issues or with an excess of energy. By engaging dogs’ sense of smell and their natural foraging instincts to hunt for food, the products can help dogs burn calories while also keeping them focused and relaxed.

The Forager™ Mat and Forager™ Bowl use proprietary SoftSnout™ material, the softest material available in snuffle mats for dogs, making it perfect for snack and mealtimes without irritating noses, tongues or gums. The products are also machine washable for easy cleaning.

“Our mission at Pet Parents® is to help furbabies live longer, healthier and happier lives by creating products, services and an information platform to solve everyday pet parenting needs. The Forager™ line is the result of our mission in action, helping pet parents prevent the dangers of bloat, by encouraging slower eating habits, while providing furbabies with a rewarding activity that helps fulfill their canine instincts and mental stimulation needs.”
— Mikaela Stanley, Product Manager at Pet Parents®

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #7519.


4. Collagen Ring Bully Flavor by Raw Dog Chews

Raw Dog Chews | Collagen Ring Bully FlavorA natural way to keep dogs’ coats shiny and their joints healthy is with high-protein chews, and the Collagen Ring by Raw Dog Chews fills that need with a healthy alternative to rawhide. Beneath cows’ tough outer skin is the inner skin layer called corium – an elastic and flexible layer of collagen that’s loaded with protein and easier to digest for dogs while also promoting healthy joints, skin, teeth and bones.

For senior dogs, collagen helps improve age-related joint pain and for young pups, it stabilizes joints and prevents injuries. And you won’t find any chemicals, additives or preservatives – just collagen rings that are cleaned and air-dried to maintain maximum flavor and nutritional value!

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #7365.


5. elleMove by ElleVet

ElleVet SciencesElleVet was created to elevate the lives of animals and their owners by developing safe, effective hemp CBD + CBDA. ElleVet’s line of CBD + CBDA products are the only products of their kind proven to work in multiple clinical trials and are specifically formulated and dosed for dogs experiencing joint discomfort and lack of mobility.

In a clinical trial at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, over 80% of participating dogs showed significant or dramatic improvement while using products from ElleVet Sciences. Some owners were moved to tears by their pet’s progress.

One satisfied owner said, “I am absolutely astounded by this product, I have a 14 1/2 year-old shepherd mix with severe joint discomfort. Since starting this, I am amazed at her improvement. And, she is no longer in a fog, and is just happy. Thank you so much!”

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #4153.


6. nanoScent by Oxylus

Oxylus | nanoScent PetWouldn’t it be great to capture how your pet smells after they come back from the groomers?

Pets normally dislike fragrance on their furs, but nanoSCENT® PET is a touch-activated pet deodorizer and conditioner that contains perfume nanocapsules. Those nanocapsules are only activated by touch – when owners pet their dog or cat – and the fragrance is released subtly and gently.

The patent-pending formula enables freshness that lasts longer than traditional sprays and pet colognes, because the smell won’t evaporate until activated. The products can be used immediately after a pet’s bath for a burst of freshness or as an in-between deodorizer that will make your pet smell like he's just been at the groomer. nanoSCENT® PET can be applied directly on coats or textile surfaces.

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #6868.


7. Pet~Pourri by Pourri

From the makers of the popular Poo~Pourri™ line comes their newest product designed for pet odor – Pet~Pourri™! Made entirely with 100% natural essential oils and no harsh chemicals, the Pet~Pourri™ Air + Fabric Spray and Odor Eliminating Candle help keep homes smelling fresh by eliminating odors caused by pets.

Proprietary natural Funk Lock™ Technology neutralizes odor molecules and naturally eliminates 99% of pet odors (including urine) in the air and on fabric. Pet~Pourri™ is long-lasting and is recommended by veterinarians.

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #4675.


8. Tug and Follow Me Toys in Pride Colors by Knots of Fun

Tug and Follow Me toysKnots of Fun | Tug and Follow Me Toys provide endless engagement and training play for dogs in durable, premium Polartec Polar Fleece USA-made materials. All toys carry the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 non-toxic certification and can be frozen for teething puppies to alleviate sore gums, are machine washable and float in water for hours of fun.

Help dog owners up their training game with these colorful, interactive toys!

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #4466.


9. CheckUp Cat and CheckUp Dog by Coastline Global

Coastline Global | CheckUp CatMonitoring your furry friend’s health and wellness is the best way to catch potential issues before they turn serious.

CheckUp products for either cats or dogs can detect common conditions like glucose levels, kidney failure, urinary tract infection and blood in the urine. By using CheckUp, pet owners can detect a health condition in time to prevent health deterioration and improve their pet’s lifespan, and have a better understanding of their pet’s health as they engage with their veterinarian.

Each kit contains testing strips, a collection vial and collection pipette – the dog kit contains a disposable cup and telescopic pole to collect urine from a distance, and the cat kit contains two pounds of hydrophobic litter.

Visit them at SuperZoo booth #7715.



As you plan your strategy for your pet retail business, the best investment you can make is to stay on top of the latest trends. SuperZoo is where you’ll find these hot new products and more for keeping your pet retail stock fresh.


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