TikTok for Pet Retailers: How to Get Started on TikTok

By Steph Bechard, brand and content manager at Crystal Media and featured speaker at SuperZoo 2023.

For over 10 years, Crystal Media has been helping retailers grow their businesses using social media and we’ve seen many social media platforms rise and fall in popularity. We’ve also seen an ongoing trend consistently gain momentum: video!

From Facebook prioritizing Lives to Instagram pushing videos, it only makes sense that video-centric content has earned its very own, and very popular, app. You guessed it — we’re talking about TikTok!

As a social media and marketing agency for retailers, we strongly believe TikTok can be an amazing resource for free organic reach. And there are a few key ways to grow on this viral app.

Pet stores in particular have major growth and reach potential on TikTok. Pets are endlessly entertaining and there’s so much to learn.


There are currently 8.1 million views on the hashtag #PetEducation, 500.8 million views for #PetStore and 12.4 billion views on #DogTok.


That is some major reach potential for Pet Stores on an app where people are loving seeing content surrounding pets!

We know this may seem like just another to-do list item, having another platform to learn and post to consistently. What we want to say to that is this: Old dogs can learn new tricks and content creation can be easy and fun! You spend so much time and energy running a small business, you might as well gain recognition and views through free tools like TikTok.

Plus, so many of the content types are similar to the ones you’re already posting. You can always choose to easily cross post your Reels and trimmed versions of your Facebook Lives over on the TikTok app.


Here are some steps to get started on TikTok for pet retailers:

First, be sure to download the TikTok app and secure your user name, which should match your Instagram and Facebook handles (e.g., @CrystalMediaCo).

Next, you’re going to want to switch to a business account. This is beneficial for many reasons, including helping the algorithm connect you with viewers who are interested in businesses and allowing you to use the audio for business accounts.

To switch to a business account: Tap the triple lines on the top right of your profile > select Settings and Privacy > select Manage Account > then select “Switch to Business Account” and follow the prompts.

  Switching to a business account on TikTok  

Growth Strategies for TikTok

Now that you’re set up on TikTok, let’s start making some engaging content. TikTok is all about short-form video, and the platform had once said they were more of an “entertainment platform than a social media app.” When you’re actively creating unique content that is entertaining and engaging, and posting consistently, the algorithm can rely on you to show up and keep viewers on their platforms. Additionally, your audience can log into the app knowing they will see a video from you and your store!

We recommend using the 80/20 rule, which invites retailers to share nurturing and community-building content for 80% of content posted, and then content with a goal of selling for only 20% of your posts.

  Nurturing Content (80%), Selling Content (20%)  

Trust us, there are unlimited things to talk about on social media when following this rule, and it’s a good thing too because the suggested consistency is to post three to seven TikToks per day.

We know this may sound like a lot of content. We'd like to encourage you to post consistently at the pace that feels comfortable to you, and then try to slowly add to that number. Even if that’s two TikToks a week, you can have a goal of growing to three TikToks per week, then four, and then eventually daily!

The next strategy we’ll share is using new features. When was the last time you tried posting a content type you haven’t tried before? Platforms often incentivize content that uses their latest features.

Luckily for us, platforms often borrow content types from each other. For example, Instagram implemented Reels in 2020, which is very similar to TikToks, Facebook implemented Stories after Instagram Stories were gaining lots of popularity, and so on. This is great for retailers because you don’t have to learn something new for each platform.  

Here are some new features you can use to see success:

TikTok Now:

This new feature is very similar to the BeReal app, where the app will send random prompts throughout the day encouraging you to post real-time content. You can take a photo or video with the front and back of your camera, to show the real behind-the-scenes of what you’re doing in that moment.

TikTok Stories:

Have you posted a TikTok Story yet? Very similar to Stories on Facebook and Instagram, on TikTok you can upload a photo or video for a 24-hour period until the content disappears. This is a great way to show more behind-the-scenes of your store, your staff and what is happening in the moment for your customers to follow along.

Carousel Images on TikTok:

Carousels are one of the top-performing content types on Instagram, so it makes sense that TikTok would implement a similar posting type to help keep eyes on the platform. As this is a new content type, we encourage you to play around with the feature and showcase some of the photos you have hidden in your camera roll, from sunsets to new arrivals.

If you’d like to watch a short tutorial on how to create carousel posts on TikTok, you can watch this video! 


Here are five short-form video content ideas for pet retailers to get you started on TikTok:

  1. Favorite pet names you’ve heard this month with a clip of each pet.
  2. Storefront video sharing your address, what you specialize in and your store hours.
  3. Educate your viewers on the best types of foods for different sizes and ages of dogs.
  4. Use an Effect that asks, “Which kind of dog are you?” and have your staff use this filter. Then, ask your audience to use this filter and share their results.
  5. Create a video about your childhood pets, what their names were, which breeds you had and your favorite memories with them.

We’re looking forward to seeing your content (and your fur babies) on TikTok soon!


About the Author

Steph Bechard is the brand and content manager at Crystal Media, with over six years of experience building communities online and skyrocketing engagement for retailers. Her education in brand design coupled with her experience working in diverse roles in marketing provides her expertise with a unique combination of both creativity and purpose. Crystal Media is on a mission to help Main Street thrive and easily adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing world. Learn more at crystalmediaco.com.


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