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Exclusion Process Senate Letter

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World Pet Association to Unveil Pet Grooming Credential

WPA Pet Grooming Credential to measure foundational skills with regards to knowledge applicable to the trade, safety and animal husbandry

MONROVIA, CA (September 16, 2020) – Calling all pet grooming professionals! The World Pet Association (WPA) is setting a new bar of excellence and commitment with the launch of the WPA Pet Grooming Credential. Beginning spring 2021, groomers across the country will have access to a united and independent credentialing program to assess knowledge and best practices applied by the nation’s top working pet professionals. The WPA Pet Grooming Credential was developed through extensive industry-wide collaboration and will be awarded to professionals who pass proctored, core competency exams.

“We appreciate the hard work and valuable service that pet groomers provide to pets and their owners, and the WPA Pet Grooming Credential has been developed to recognize their expertise, dedication, and professionalism,” said Khris Berry, Director of Grooming Services at WPA. “This credential—which resembles the core competencies measured for Cosmetologists – will allow pet stylists to signal to their commitment, knowledge, experience and dedication to education. Pet owners can rest easy knowing their furriest family members will be treated compassionately.

WPA has worked closely with the pet grooming industry to bring together a collective task force—

comprised of representatives from grooming salons, corporate salons, veterinarians, industry leaders, and leading educators—to develop a body of knowledge that will assist all groomers and pet owners in experiencing professional, complete, and safe grooming services. The program will include accredited education courses, not only offered by WPA, but from a wide variety of sources as well, and a defined Scope of Practice and Knowledge. Passing the exam will demonstrate to clients and to the industry at large the respected status of achievement, knowledge and commitment level of the newly credentialed pet grooming professional.

The exam will be available at computer-based testing sites across the United States. With an anticipated spring 2021 launch in nationwide testing centers, pet stylists can request applications for testing in early 2021. Pet groomers may apply to take the test based on experience, education, and knowledge of the pet grooming practice. The content of the exams will be weighed carefully for accuracy and relevancy to the working pet grooming professional.

“Bringing the pet industry together for the good of the pet has been the top priority of WPA,” added Berry. “We are proud to be working for the advancement of the entire grooming industry with coordinated efforts from all sectors, while also supporting the advancement of pet grooming professionals and their long-term success.”

For more information about the WPA Pet Grooming Credential, please contact Khris Berry, Director of Grooming Services at WPA.


About World Pet Association Founded in 1950, World Pet Association (WPA) is the pet industry’s oldest nonprofit organization. Based in Southern California, WPA coordinates industry-defining trade shows—SuperZoo, Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference and other popular annual events including: America’s Family Pet Expo, a consumer pet and pet product expo; and Aquatic Experience, which combines consumer events with a trade show. Through WPA’s Good Works program, proceeds from these events are funneled back into key industry organizations and nonprofits with the goal of making it easier for pet industry professionals to do business. WPA’s mission is to support the business needs of pet retailers and to promote responsible growth and development of the pet industry by providing thought leadership on consumer and legislative issues; lead efforts in the public sector to inform consumers and ensure safe, healthy lifestyles for all animals; and provide business resources, education, content and services to ensure pet product retailers have the support they need to be competitive. For more information about WPA, its industry events, or to become a member, visit www.worldpetassociation.org.


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